Agent Dale (Also just called Dale) is a member of the Liberty City Police Department (LSPD). He only appeared in Nerd³ Challenges! Be The Police! - GTA IV, because of his unfortunate, or fortunate death on his first day as a police officer.


Dale joined the LCPD on July 17, 2013. Dale's first day started with him running over two pedestrians, whilst going to sort out a shooting in Leftwood. When he got there however, all the shooters were dead. Dale's next crime to sort out was a mugging in East Holland. After arriving there, he handcuffed the mugger and began to wait for reinforcements to come and pick him up. Growing bored waiting for the cops, he decided to shoot the criminal instead. He then proceeded to handcuff a retired fireman because he was a witness, and ran off. 

Dale then arrested a pedestrian for littering before driving off. A few moments later, he found a group of builders, one of them hitting the ground with a hammer. Dale then called in the whole of the LCPD to collect the terrified builder. A few minutes later, Dale parked his car to find it smoking. He tried to escape but he got caught on fire, and started screaming and shooting his gun whilst rolling onto a nearby police car. He just managed to escape unharmed as his car exploded, killing two fellow officers.

He then travelled to the underground where he shot  around 15 people for running. He then discovers the smouldering remains of his first car, where he has a flashback. He then snuck up on a gang who then tried to shoot him. Dale prevailed though, and murdered the leader. He was then attacked by "Santa Claus" (who was really a fat biker) who he managed to kill. Dale then arrested another person, and drove the car they were both in into the sea. The person managed to escape the car, but later drowned.

Dale then went to the police station where he picked up his unnamed Partner. The duo chased down a lady, and fined her $60. They later ran over a jogger, and called an ambulance, before swiftly escaping. A few moments later, they were driving along the road when the car began to smoke. Dale jumped out just as the car exploded, and crashed into a wall, killing his partner, who's broken, burning legs were jutting out from under the wreck. While Dale was mourning, a nearby car also exploded, throwing him through the air.

Dale died on the freeway when his car set on fire. He tried to bail again, but wasn't so lucky this time, and smacked into another car as it and his limo exploded into flames.