Alec Pack is one of the Sims featured in Nerd³ Lives in The Sims 4.

Bio Edit

Alec is a Young Adult with the Joke Star aspiration. He has the Gregarious, Self-Assured, Slob, and Bro traits. He initially worked in the Entertainer career but quit his job in Episode 20 to join the Detective career, where he now works as a Cadet. He lives in the "Slaughter Household" with Stephan Slaughter, Brody Shanks, and Darth Vader.

Alec is currently engaged to Johnny Zest, having fallen in love with him in Episode 6 and proposed to him in Episode 8. The two are planning a wedding ceremony for the future.

In Episode 24, Alec gets abducted by aliens. He gets better.

Trivia Edit

  • Alec is the third Sim that Dan created for the series.
  • Dan has remarked that Alec resembles Jimmy Hopkins from the game Bully.