Burny Face McBurnerson is the name of the character Dan plays as in "Nerd³ Plays... Harry Potter for Kinect."

Burny's birth into the Harry Potter world was caused by Dan using a Sonic the Hedgehog plushie for the character creation section of the game, as the Kinect would not detect Dan's face (in an alternate universe, Burny could be Dan's T-shirt). Dan explained that Burny was in a terrible accident, hence the name "Burny Face McBurnerson."

Burny tragically died whilst facing the Basilisk in the Chamber of Secrets, a death fit for this noble warrior. He was 'a friend of us all (except fire)' according to the memorial Dan made for him.

In 'Nerd³ Plays...Harry Potter for Kinect"Edit

Burny is first seen when Dan uses a soft toy of Sonic the Hedgehog for his characters face. Burny then gets his wand from Ollivanders, which he then blows up with the wand. At Hogwarts, Burny is sorted into Slytherin house by the sorting hat. His first lesson is with Professor Snape, where he makes a potion.

Burny then learns how to use "Wingardium Leviosa". Later,when he is in the girls bathroom (for some reason) and a troll attacks him (Burny also mistakes the troll for Hermione). After dancing before the troll, Ron and Harry come to save Burny. The Troll is killed, and Burny saved. He then goes against Harry in a quidditch match, where he fatally wounds Harry, shouting "The Boy who lived? Not Anymore!". He then proceeds to win the match.

Bernie's Quidditch match

After defeating Harry, Burny teams up with Ron and Hermione, and they force him to collect keys for several hours. Burny then kills Voldemort, but Harry is named the hero for defeating Voldemort, and Gryffindor win the cup at the end of the year. This is apparently why people from Slytherin go evil.

The next year, Burny is forced by Hermione to hit some imps, and save Neville (who breaks his legs, twice). Later they then learn about gardening for over 9 years, during which Neville collapses. Burny then duels Draco Malfoy and wins. He is then in the Chamber of Secrets, where he fights the basilisk. After blinding it with the phoenix, Burny is sadly eaten. Harry Potter returns to Hogwarts, and steals Burny's glory.