HighlightsCubed is an fan-run channel, home to montages, remixes and highlight clips from the NerdCubed team. HighlightsCubed became well known for a series called "Very Best of NerdCubed", which were short videos showcasing the best moments from past NerdCubed series. More recently, the channel gained more attention through NerdCubed Remixes and montage videos.


  • HighlightsCubed owns a Macbook, and is also one of those who bought an Apple Watch, concluding that he is a madman for buying Apple products.
  • HighlightsCubed is part of #Bums, a group of a few people who make collaboration videos.
  • He forgot to upload the two last video's of "The Very Best Of NerdCubed" from the first reboot, this was pointed out in the trailer for the new "The Very Best Of NerdCubed".
  • His real name is Liam, and he lives in Essex, England.[Source needed]
  • HighlightsCubed doesn't monetize or make any profit from his videos.
  • HighlightsCubed is obsessed with logo design.