Jon, also known by his online alias Many A True Nerd, is a YouTuber who, as of the May 4th, 2018, has more than 383,000 subscribers. He often partakes in livestreams with Matt and Dan, on the Nerd³ Twitch channel. He also co-hosted the irregularly scheduled podcast Nerd³ Podcats before its cancellation.

He is currently part of the team that plays games in Nerd³ Online.

The first time Jon collaborated with Dan on YouTube was in Dan's GTA V Heists series together with Amy and Steve. Since then, Jon has taken part in many live streams with Matt and/or Dan, including Euro Truck Simulator 2, Portal 2, Saints Row: The Third, Desert Bus VR, and their Crew 2 road trip.

Personality Edit

Jon's Fallout videos show that he is a very analytical person who likes to process his choices before making a decision, and then explaining why he made that decision in detail. Jon's videos feature little to no swearing, he often says "oh flipping heck" or "Flip! Flip! Flip! Flip! Flip! Flip! Flip! That was flipping close, mind."

He appears to have a particular love of puns, tea and linen shirts, the last of which is a subject of some annoyance for Matt.

Trivia Edit

  • When filming the heists, Jon said: "oh that's my marmalade." This embarrassed Dan so much that he had to edit it out.
  • Jon claims the reason he rarely shows his face is that he is actually a carton of eggs, as mentioned in his How (Not) To Bake A Cake video.
  • He went full time because he had reached 100,000 subscribers during late August 2015 and felt that he had enough support to quit his previous Marketing job.
  • If he has the option, Jon will usually play as a woman and call her Jon. Prime examples of this include his Mass Effect: No Guns run and his first Fallout 4 playthrough, where he was delighted when Codsworth called him Ms Jon.
  • Jon studied Classics at the University of Oxford, and as such knows lots about Greeks as shown in his Okhlos video and can speak some Ancient Greek, and knows A LOT about Romans, as shown in his Rome: Total War series and also his Civilization VI series, and can speak lots of Latin.
  • As well as that Jon has a wide range of knowledge regarding tanks and their history, as he demonstrated in his two-part Panzermadel series.
  • He is half-Canadian through his mother[1].