McFarlane's Ranch is a town/ranch that Nerd³ (as Jack Marston) visits a couple times in Red Dead Redemption. This consists of an odd glitching doctor, a lady who Jack often trips, a soon to die man using an outhouse and many others.


Nerd³ and Jack had visited there first going to see a doctor, who Jack pushed into a window twice. His reaction was freezing for 2 seconds. Jack then punched him, causing him to run away right after warning him of a horse thief.
Then, they met a girl who Jack chased, tripped, and pushed into an unlit fireplace.

The second time, the duo (and one of Jack's many horses) fell off a ledge, causing him to respawn in the ranch. He went back to the doctor and this time they fought. He threw one punch and ran, Jack shot him in the leg, causing him to hobble, and meet his demise when Jack shot him in the head.

Then, the trio of Jack, Nerd³, and another horse rammed into a building running past a man in a grey cap and suit.
Then, they returned, killing a man and accidentally shaving him. Then, they ran into a quartet of enemies, who chased him, during which he shot a man in the outhouse, killing him.

The final time they returned, there was a bonfire. The janitor, the tripped girl, the 3 enemies, 4 other men, an a man who quite possibly is the horse thief were all sitting there (most likely remorsing those lost) where Jack, once again attempts to push people into the fire. He ended up throwing a fire bottle, never to return again.