Merv is the character who is created by Dan in Nerd³ Plays... Dark Souls III. He appears in both episodes, but with two different spilt-personalities.

Description and Story (Non-Fan Edition)  Edit

Merv is a wimpy old sorcerer, who has one red eye, because of a fight he once had in a bar over a man, or something. This eye is oddly covered by his neon-blue hair, which fits in with the rest of his emo-otic style, and utter n00bishness. He has an evil curse, bestowed upon him by the ancients, that left a mark of words on his chin, or some bollocks.

After some terrible accident, Merv was buried in the Cemetery of Ash, despite not actually being dead, causing him to be a bit pissed off.

The episode ends with a not-so epic duel between Merv and a dragon, which quickly ends with Merv's complete, utter, total, crushing defeat and death.

Description and Story (Fan Edition)Edit

Merv is a badass old sorcerer with one red eye, so his enemies would mistake him for David Bowie, then get angry when they find out he isn't, making them more ferocious. His eye is covered up by his neon-blue hair, getting rid of his depth perception, thus making battles harder. He has a mark of words on his chin which he put there, knowing (thanks to his amazing, badass sorcery) that it would later offend a shop keeper who was also secretly an extremely powerful warrior.

In an attempt to contain him and his anger, Merv was buried in the Cemetery of Ash, despite the fact that he was not actually dead, causing him to be really fucking pissed off.

Sadly, most of the video of Merv's adventure was was lost. However, the legends say that he emerged victoriously, and managed to annihilate every creature standing in his path without dying at all, even once.