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Ms. Kennithson was the abusive, single mother of Kennith Kennithson.

Known Life Edit

Ms. Kennithson was a daughter of Cuthbert Kennithson. She was born and raised in the town of Riverview. At some point, she met an unknown man who she entered a relationship with. She ended up having 4 children - the youngest being Kennith. Not long after Kennith's birth, the children's father left/died, leaving Ms. Kennithson to raise them by herself. Unfortunately for them, Ms. Kennithson was an insane woman who hated children. She was, however, obsessed with animals. She tried to adopt some cats, but was informed that due to her insanity, she was not allowed any. She then dressed her children up as cats and forced them to behave like cats.

Death Edit

When Kennith Kennithson was 5, Ms. Kennithson choked to death on a pork pie. Ms. Kennithson, however, was unaware of her untimely demise, and her ghost remains living in the Kennithson house to this day.

Legacy Edit

Ms. Kennithson's her 4 children were relocated to various orphanages, and all were adopted except Kennith. It is thought that one of these children was adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Steel, and renamed Christopher, and another was adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Jolina and renamed Jamie. The third child may have been Cycl0n3 Sw0rd, who competed against his brother in an eating competition 25 years after the death of their mother (they did not know they were brothers).