Mum³ is Nerd³'s mother, and has only been featured in five videos as of just now, with a cameo appearance in another. Mum³ has appeared in the videos:

Trivia Edit

  • Along with DadCubed, she first appeared in the Nerd³'s Parent's Play (YT: 100,000 Subscribers Special! Nerd³'s PARENTS Play...) 100,000 subscriber special. Since then she also appeared in the 2015 Mother's Day Special, and the first video on the IRL channel.
  • The very first video of the OfficiallyNerdCubed channel featured Mum³ telling Daniel not to put her on the internet, but Dan did it anyway.
  • She works/worked with special needs children in a school.
  • She also appeared very briefly in the making of the 100th video special - in the kitchen.
  • Her sister is the mother of Dan's cousin, Lauren Bayly.
  • Dan has stated several times that Mum³ is of Italian descent.