Pensive Man is one of Nerd³'s characters from the Train Simulator series. He is simply a man who looks very lost in thought, hence the name.

He is revealed to be the son of Barry , a train engineer and Dan's colleague.

Appearances Edit

Pensive Man first appeared in Nerd³ Plays... Railworks 3: Train Simulator 2012. Dan noticed the man, stated he was very pensive, and then played "Private Reflection" over the recording.

He did not appear in Dan's Train Simulator 2013 video, but he did appear in his Train Simulator 2014 video, where Dan joked about him thinking about him thinking about the same thing for two years. He also appeared in Part 2, where Dan realized he changed his clothes.

He did not appear in the Train Simulator 2015 video, making Train Simulator 2014 his most recent appearance.

In Nerd³ Completes... Cities: Skylines - Part 9, Dan finds Pensive Man while looking around some newly built coastal houses in his farm district.

He is mentioned in Dan's GTA V - Train Simulator mod video, as the son of Barry.