This is a living, breathing document. Please check back once in a while to see if new content has been added

Hello, and welcome to the official NerdCubed Wiki!

As a part of making the wiki a better, more reliable source, we've created a document to outline the main practises you should keep in mind when editing the wiki.



All pages must follow a specific guideline of rules:

  • All articles must comply with the wiki policy.
  • Pages must use the appropriate templates, listed below.
  • Pages must follow the headers set out by other pages in that category, or the specified headers under the 'headers' section of this document.
  • Must have relevant categories applied to them
  • Must be factual, and objective.
  • Have a quick, simple explanatory paragraph at the top of the page. Example: Daniel Hardcastle, also known as NerdCubed, is a popular YouTuber and Game Developer. He is known for his comedic gaming videos, as well as for his web-comic...
  • Must have no more than 15 'trivia' dot-points. This is to allow focus on actual content as opposed to fast facts. However, extra trivia may be added to a "Pagename/Trivia" page. For example, Daniel Hardcastle/Trivia
  • Must cite sources on facts that are questionable.

However, some types of pages have their own rules.

  • Pages that are about real people:
    • Must be named as their first and last name, with an optional nick name in the middle. However, if the person has requested for their real name to be private, then use the online alias or their first name with their online alias after.
  • Pages about things:
    • Must have pictures of the object, as well as an explanation on how it is involved in the NerdCubed universe


The wiki provides many templates for your use. The templates that are approved for use are listed below. To insert these templates, type
or just
which will bring up dialouge box in the visual editor.
  • Infoboxes
    • Infobox/Person
    • Infobox/Character
    • Infobox/Thing
    • Infobox/Entity
    • Infobox/Game
  • Notices
    • Deletion
    • Cleanup
    • Stub

That's all that's required for now. As the wiki grows, I'll edit this to become more precise.