Stephan Slaughter is one of the Sims featured in Nerd³ Lives in The Sims 4.


Stephan is a Young Adult with the Master Chef aspiration. He has the Essence of Flavor, Foodie, Creative, and Bro traits. He is currently a restaurant owner and formerly worked in the Culinary career as a Line Cook. He is the head of the "Slaughter Household" and lives at Proprietor's Square in Windenburg with Brody ShanksAlec Pack, and Darth Vader.

In Episode 12, Stephan attended GeekCon and traveled into space, where he ended up in a duel with an alien spaceship and won. Later in the episode, he went skinny dipping with the guys in the public pool and ended up in a fight with the vampire that bit Darth.

In Episode 24, Stephan finally buys a restaurant, the Havisham House (a residence next door that was converted into a 'modern' restaurant). Nobody told him that the restaurant is cursed, however.


  • Despite being the first Sim made and the head of the household, Stephan is the Sim that Dan dislikes the most.
  • Stephan hopes to own a restaurant one day. His wish is fulfilled in Episode 24.