Steve Hardcastle, better known as DadCubed (stylized Dad³), is a popular YouTuber, and the father of Daniel Hardcastle. He was born on the 7th of June 1954[1] in Basildon, England



Where do you think Dan gets it all from?

Like his son Dan, if his choice is between a more calm and logical solution or explosions, the result is always the explosions. Known for shouting over people during live-streams and always bringing in the dad jokes for everyone to laugh at.

He also seems to enjoy cooking, though whether his cooking is any good has yet to be tested by a reputable source.

Video Series Edit

The following table shows the games and series Steve Hardcastle has played or participated in.
Series List
Current Finished
  • The Week of Dad³
  • Dad³ and Co Completes! CoD: Black Ops III
  • Dad³ and Co Completes! LEGO Jurassic World
  • Dad³ Completes... Deadpool
  • Dad³ Completes... The Order: 1886
  • Dad³ Completes... Far Cry 4
  • Dad³ Completes... GTA V
  • Dad³ Plays
  • Dad³ Vlogs!
  • Dad³'s Story Time!
  • Dad³'s Secret Recipes!
  • Dad³'s Father and Son-Days
  • The Words of Dad³
  • The Food of Dad³
  • The Adventures of Dad³
  • The Son-days of Dad³


  • Steve once worked as a bouncer at a Spanish nightclub.
  • His favourite expression for when something goes wrong is; "It's all gone tits up!".
  • The Secret Recipes on November 23rd, 2015 failed, because Dan ruined the ingredients needed for the recipe.
  • To obtain his youthful good looks, Steve uses fish paste on his face. However this does hugely accelerate his hair growth! (also makes him turn into Dan)

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