Stuart Ashen, known from his channel and online alias Ashens, is a YouTuber who reviews a multitude of toys, foods, retro gaming and other assorted stuff. Most notably he reviews cheaper items from pound-shops.

NerdCubed Involvement Edit

Reboots Edit

During the 2015 channel reboot, Stuart was announced as the new voice of NerdCubed after Dan's retirement. After having heard what the work included, he decided to back out of the deal and Dan swiftly cancelled his retirement. He recommended his friend and fellow YouTuber Larry Bundy, Jr to take the role, but he has not shown interest as of yet.

NerdCubed Collaborations Edit

  • During December of 2015, 2016, and 2017 Stuart and Dan filmed multiple videos to go up on Ashen's secondary channel "Extraashens". It features them opening up Advent Calendars each day.
  • In July, Stuart and Dan were featured in videos on Pogs, one on each of their channels, with Dan's LEGO city as a background.
  • Ashen was featured in a few gameplay videos with Dan, playing pictionary in SculptVR as well as a few videos in Gangbeasts.
  • Daniel has been teased to be part of the sequel of Ashen's 2013 movie "Quest for the Gamechild".

Notable Content Edit

Trivia Edit

  • He is one of Dan's favourite YouTubers, as seen in these two videos.
  • He has a PhD in psychology[Source needed].
  • His surname is Ashen, not Ashens, which many incorrectly use.
  • He likes to burn things that are shite.
  • He has many characters in his videos, the most famous being Chef Excellence. Others include The Sad Onion, Mr. Noseybonk & Dan Tomlinson.
  • His most viewed video is Pac-Man: The Board Game with over 11 million views.
  • He has over 1 million subscribers.