The Nerd³ Silence was a period of 3 weeks where Dan stopped making videos due to the unfortunate events whilst he was moving.

The Nerd³ Silence Edit

In December 2013, Dan decided it was time for him to move in order to live with his 'long time girlfriend'. In February, Dan started The Nerd³ Drought, where he was forced to make one video (mostly un-edited) every two days. After the company that was moving dan's PC said it would take 3 - 6 weeks, Dan had some free time, so he ended the drought. This was apparently a mistake. After a month of making videos with his laptop, Dan was forced to begin The Nerd³ Silence. He had fried his laptop. It took a day to make an unedited video, and eventually all it could do was display his logo. The Silence began on the 31st of May 2014, and ended on the 23rd of June 2014, with another Nerd³ Reboot.