Tracey is a former Games Developer and former Business Manager at NerdCubed LTD, and as such, she dealt with accounting, publishing, legal matters, and emails as well as programming games.

She showed up for the group streams, Fustercluck and previously the Mass Debates, and she participated in the smaller company streams usually found on Mondays. She makes up the first 'T' in the group affectionally named Mr. Twatt.


Tracey added some humanity to the otherwise fully chaotic group, along with Rebecca. She does have a chaotic side though. She and Rebecca tend to be quiet when the entire Nerd³ team were filming the FusterCluck, because they're usually drowned out by Matt, Dan and Steve.


  • Dan met Tracey in University, where they were flatmates.
  • Tracey sounds somewhat American even though she isn't. Thanks American School.
  • She can speak Dutch and understands it even better. Writing only happens with a spell checker nearby.
  • Loves Fan Art and Fan Fiction, especially related to the NerdCubed Team.
  • Abysmal at GTA.
  • Often gets mixed up with Rebecca for unknown reasons.
  • Dan commonly calls her 'his ex-husband'.